"Brock Butterfield has always been a great asset to have representing our brand. This past season he went above and beyond what we asked of him. Brock carries himself very professional when it comes to the riding and business side of things. As well as riding very hard and getting shots, he also makes sure the towns he's in heard about our company. He is a great rider and person. Ideal teammate and role model for the kids coming up in the sport. Can't wait to keep working with such a driven rider."

Buck Taylor



Here's some info on what I've accomplished so far in the competition world.

  • The North Face Masters - Overall Tour 2011 - 17th
  • The North Face Masters - Snowbird, UT 01/2011 - 10th overall out of 76 men athletes
  • 3rd Rail Jam @ Brighton 2/2009
  • Canyons Rock n' Rail Jam 12/2009 - Finalist
  • Brighton Night Rail Jam 12/2009 - Qualified
  • Canyons Rock n' Rail Jam 12/2008 - Qualified
  • Brighton/Arkade Mag competition 2008 - Best Overall Trick (Butter 540 across giant rainbow box)
  • Canyons Rock n' Rail Jam 12/2007 - Qualified


Video Parts

Never Summer Industries - Days of Chunder (2012)
Never Summer Industries - Slap Happy (2013)
Candy Grind - What's Good (2013)

Media Coverage

  • Ski and Snowboard NewsJune 2006 - Cover Shot
  • 2007 - Photo/Video shoot at Alta for a story that was used by numerous TV stations for evening news.
  • Nov 2008 - Main sites image for a week from photo shoot at Brighton.
  • Arkade Mag Fall Edition - Rider Spotlight
  • Method Mag Online - Shot of the Week
  • Filmed 5 videos with - 2010-2011 Season (all videos combined had a total of over 4000 views)
  • The North Face Masters - Live webcast and video
  • Bonk Blvd - Interview
  • Bern Unlimited 2012 Ad
  • Never Summer Industries Ad 2013 - Backcountry Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine
  • Bern Unlimited 2014 Ad
  • Snowboard Magazine November 2013 - Double Page Editorial
  • Snowboarder Magazine Photo Annual - Single Page Editorial



  • Never Summer Snowboards 2013
  • Tyrant Snowboards 2012 - Cover and centerfold

My Roots

It was then I got hooked. My brother and I used to build rails and log jams out of any scrap metal or wood my dad would give us. I look back now at some of the stuff we build and things we tried and am amazed that I’m still standing.

I got heavy into snowboarding around 2004 and the next year I moved down to SLC, UT to do the whole school thing. I overloaded my classes in the summer and fall so that during the winter quarter I could just focus on riding. The first year in SLC I rode Brighton and learned what real kickers and real rails were. I can’t tell you how many times I got broke off…

The following years I found a good crew and we rode Brighton, Snowbird, Park City and The Canyons. The Bird and video parts of MFM is what made me realize I love big mountain riding and busting cab 3’s off the natty stuff. The Canyons and Steve Duke’s pure ingenuity helped me excel in park riding.

Over the years I’ve competed in numerous competitions and am learning what it takes to make it to the final round and bring home the goods. Now I just gotta make a name for myself…

On the job side of life, I'm a computer dude. Uh, yeah, computer stuff... It pays the bills. And yet I don't own a video gaming system to my name and never will. I'd rather be outside ripping pow lines, learning new tricks or skatin'.

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