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Photog Friday - Justin Befu

In this weeks "Photog Friday" I introduce to you a man who will braaap circles around you on his sled. An outstanding sledder and snowboarder who has a deep passion for capturing every moment through photos when out with a crew. It is my pleasure to introduce Justin Befu.


Justin Befu ready to capture some gnar riding in Alaska.


What up Befu! I don't really remember how we met in Alaska, do you?

 Oh man, I think the first time we actually met was on the Heidan Glaicer.. (the books) I came in with a different crew but crews merge in the backcountry, saw you kill a line and just started shooting..

Where are you originally from?

Palo Alto CA, but have been in Tahoe now for 21 years.

What was the best thing about Tahoe when you first moved there?

Cheap housing, good snow

What's the best thing about living in Tahoe now? 


So I've learned you have your own screen printing business. Any cool projects you've worked on?

I like to work on projects in the industry like Tailgate Alaska and such, I did a cool job for Lucas films and Sierra at Tahoe last year which was cool.

What was the first feature we shot together at?

Think that day in the Books or the first down day we broke trail to the cave on the Hoo doo Glacier (got a shot of you on that wall, it did get published) 

Out of all your shots last year, do you have a favorite photo from one of those sessions?

 Yes, the double page lay out of Brock Butterfield in Snowboard Magazine. 

That's one of my favorites as well! Can you think of one session that stood out to you for any reason due to a funny story, crazy trick, or bust?

 Darn, so many good times and great things went down in front of my lens, got to say that last day in AK when we where all together.  .. Great friends and great crews doing hard work.

Plans for this season?

Japan Europe Tahoe Alaska so say the least. ( i hope)

Japan?! Man, I'd love to be a part of that somehow. Anyone you want to thank that helped you get to where you are now?

All the riders that put in all the hard work.. you know who you are.

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