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Photog Friday - Ryan Bregante

This week in "Photog Friday" I interview Ryan Bregante. Ryan has been crushing the photo scene in Vail for a handful of years and finally made the move to SLC for this winter.

Hi Ryan. If I recall we met somehow through Facebook. How did that happen again?

Mike Hood called me 10 hours before he was heading out to Salt Lake City to meet up with you for a backcountry trip. He asked me if I wanted to roll out to take some photos and run the video camera.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in San Diego, California. A whales vagina right?!

What brought you out to SLC?

I was in Vail, Colorado for the last 4 years. Tim Peare from Snowboard Magazine told me that Salt Lake City was the place to be if I wanted to push my photography to the next level.

I hear you used to be a chef. Why did you change careers?

Yes, I went to Culinary school when I was 19 in NYC and have worked in some amazing restaurants all over the United States. I decided that traveling, capturing the life of others doing there craft and being able to live out my late 20’s was more important then slaving away in a kitchen that was taking advantage of my skills and not giving me the chance to move up. I am glad I did so.

What was the first feature we shot together at?

Our first shoot together wasn’t really a feature but a sick pillow line somewhere in Idaho.

Out of all your shots last year, do you have a favorite photo from one of those sessions?

 Last year was a busy one, It was my last season living in Vail, Colorado and I had spots I scouted for 3 years that we finally had the snow and right crew to get it done right. But my favorite photo has to be the one I took at Mammoth, just shredding with the homies.

Can you think of one session that stood out to you for any reason due to a funny story, crazy trick, or bust?

The Boulder crazy kink rail. I was in Boulder with some of the Burton and Analog team, Corbin Clement did a BS Boardslide thru the whole thing in front of the whole entire Boulder lacrosse team.

Plans for this season?

My plans for my first season in SLC? I will be shooting part time at Brighton Ski Resort. Trips to Colorado when the snow is prime. Shoot as much as possible and hopefully make it to AK in Spring.

Anyone you want to thank that helped you get to where you are now?

Of course, there are so many people that have helped me over the last couple of years. I could name drop everyone but that would take up a whole entire page. I like to keep things simple. The Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone crews that were always down to shoot. The Neversummer family, Snowboard Colorado Magazine, and of course my family for the support.

Thank you Brock for having me on your Blog.

Dark Pie and Mark Noll for seeing my dreams of hoodward and making it a reality. The whole RDTM family and the OG Ravinos Crew.


Check out more of Ryan's work on his website.

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Mammoth, CA

Corbin Clement

Boulder, CO

Cody Gilmore

Copper Mtn, CO

Burton US Open

Hoodward, CO

Keystone, CO

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