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Bring on the snow

So it’s been a bit since I posted so I figured I better get one in. The snow has slowly been coming in and I catch myself watching the weather patterns almost every day trying to predict from Doppler…

Hike up Little C last Saturday and then Brighton on Sunday. Manmade snow is by no means my idea of fun but we still blasted some mellow park and speed runs.

Got my first ad for Haven Empire that is coming out in the next issue of Arkade Mag. Stoked on that. Check it out here.

In the works with some more companies for sponsorship so I’ll keep you posted on that. Big plans are in the works for some back country trips in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. Never seen or filmed locations as far as I know.

I’ll catch you guys on the slopes or in the BC!

Pre Season Is Here!

Well most of it has melted now but we had a little bit of snow to get out last weekend and jib. We dusted off our two 10' boxes and loaded them up. TROCK, Josh Scheuerman, Nick the Red and Dan Black were in attendance. 35 minutes later we were in the Brighton parking lot looking for a good spot.

We found some small logs to prop up the boxes for some off time and went to work. TROCK was doing some crazy fast plant to board slides. I was able to work on some new change up tricks and polish up a few old ones.

Josh Scheuerman snagged this sick photo of a nose press I banged out. Notice how my old K2 WWW bends like a wet noodle...

Some investments...

So after many days and nights of searching I finally found a bomb sled for the winter. Now granted I couldn't take it out and test it so let's hope that this deal isn't a lemon!

It's a 04 Polaris RMK 800 with dual CPI exhaust and SLP air box. Only has 554 miles on it and I plan to put many on it this winter and years to come. You know what I was thinking the other day though? How awesome would it be to convert a sled to run on veggie oil? Then you could still get your sick back country lines the smarter way and still be environmentally friendly.

I also just finished up the Olympic training at the water parks a few weeks ago and got my Rodeos feeling pretty comfortable. We're gonna take it to the back country now!

Here's some pics:

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