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Alaska Road Trip - Blog #2 - Brock Butterfield

After we left Bellingham we headed for the border. Unfortunately we didn't make it far when RC blew a serpentine belt on ol' "Yard Dog". Luckily there was a Napa Auto Parts close by and we limped the Bronco over to the parking lot. RC's got a slightly modified setup so the standard belt wouldn't work. We had to try about 10 belts before we got the right one.

We lined up for the border crossing and for whatever reason I was the one who had to pull over to the side, go into the big building and get asked a million more questions. Luckily the crossing border officer was also a snowboarder and gave me the heads up on avy conditions in Whistler as well as the green light into Canada.

Just before hitting Whistler we pulled off the road and up to the Seagrams trail head where we made camp for the night. Hot soup, beers and moonshine was devoured as we talked about plans for the next day.

The next morning I remembered someone saying something about needing to change the jets on your sled if you're going from high elevations like Utah and down to lower elevations like Whistler. I was able to get the phone number of a local sled shop called Revolution and got some info from them on what to look for on my spark plugs after running it full throttle for a bit. Sure enough my sled was running too hot and I needed to make moves to get the parts and put in the right jets for the carburetor. Couple hours later in the parking lot of Revolution and I had successfully changed out the jets to match the elevation. Huge thanks to Ryan and Felix at Revolution for all the help! After we refueled we headed to the Rutherford trail head where we made camp for the night and prepared for some bluebird conditions to follow the next day.



Teddy and RC replacing the serpentine belt.



Border crossing rush hour.



Lions Gate bridge in Vancouver, BC.


RC making some bomb hummus, avocado, onion and salami sandwiches for the drive.


Inside what we call home for the next little bit. Huge thanks to Goal Zero for the hook up on solar lights! It's bright!


Soup, beer and moonshine. Typical camper diet.


Revolution in Function Whistler knows whats up. They're who to talk to when in need of sled knowledge and parts.


Rejetting my sled who I've named "Ting" so that she runs better in the low elevations.


Rutherford Trail head will be home for a few days! Shout out to Milo Sport and Voile in SLC, UT!

Alaska Road Trip - Blog #1 - Brock Butterfield

The thought of driving from Salt Lake City, UT to Valdez, AK has crossed my mind a few times since I first got the chance to ride in AK but it wasn't until my homie Ryan Cruze told me he was going to do it that I decided I was going to be a part of it no matter what it took. I left SLC early and arrived in Seattle that evening where I met up with RC and camped out in his unique camping rig which consists of a Ford Bronco with a custom fit camper shell that RC got for $150 from the junk yard. Beers were consumed as we talked about how epic the trip was going to be. I went to bed tossing and turning like a kid on Christmas Eve.

The next day we picked up our buddy from the airport and made out way to Bellingham, WA. We heard that Mt. Baker was getting good snow so we made our way up to see what we could get done. With near blue bird conditions we broke out the splits and got to work on some lines right out of the upper Mt. Baker parking lot. Byron Bagwell, a local and good friend of ours, led the pack into some heavy northwest lines. After a day of shredding heavy powder we made our way to the local pub for some celebration beers and food. After getting back to Bellingham we found a note on the camper from some angry local. Allegedly we threw beer cans and trash all over but in reality the cans had been there for months judging by the rust.

Ryan Cruze outside his custom camper setup. Our home for the next 4-6 weeks on the trek to AK.


Cruising up the parking lot we notice that a crew has already put in work on the famous Mt. Baker road gap.


Bryon, RC and myself at the trail head ready to rally. Photo: Teddy Hoffman


Byron_Bagwell breaks down the split to get ready for a burly line. Mt. Baker resort making it's presence in the background.


Teddy Hoffman breaking down the camera gear to move onto the next zone. RC and Bryon stoked on how good it is.


RC and the crew a bit confused on the note let by some jack ass local who thought we raged and left beer cans and trash in the street.

Canyons Resort and Transworld Snowboarding Video

I had the chance to go film with other Never Summer Industries riders at Canyons and film a short video part for their Painted Horse Terrain Park. Justin Olsen did an amazing job at filming and it was a blast to rally some park for the first time in a while. You can watch the video here.


Canyons Resort Shot of the Day - Brock Butterfield

Been out filming the streets a lot with the massive amounts of snow in the SLC valley. Took a day to go shred Canyons and Justin Olsen took this shot in the park.

A Trip To Montana - Brock Butterfield

Last year at SIA I ran into a bunch of rad dudes from Montana who run a magazine called Bomb Snow and they invited me to come check out their digs in Bozeman and shred some Montana snow. In March with no snow in the forecast for Utah I loaded up the sled, boards (Never Summer Cobra and Proto) and shred gear and hit the road driving through some of the most beautiful farmland this country has to offer.


Upon arriving in Bozeman I gave Chief Motivator - Todd Heath a call and got directions to their headquarters where they were hosting an art show. After greeting Todd at the Bomb Snow office I helped myself to a cold one and checked out some of the art by Max Kauffman, Chris Huth and Andrew Hoffman.


The attending artists also decided to create this snow cooler for the guest.











After the art show we made our way to the Filling Station where we drank more and stumbled around the dance floor as the live band played music so loud that I couldn't make out any words or distinguish beats for that matter. When they kicked us out in the early AM we hooted and hollered over to the Trew RV in the adjacent lot where we continued to party.

Note to self: Old Milwaukee tastes like old shoes.


The next day after we had filled out bellies with grease to cure our hangovers we made our way out to the Norris Hot Springs in the Voke Tab RV. A good soak and we were all feeling good again.


Chillin' Montana style before hitting the hot springs. Thanks Kalen!


Todd had worked out a PR deal with Moonlight Basin to get us a couple day passes in exchange for a short video edit so we loaded up in the AM and headed to the slopes.

Todd's sick mountain climbing whip.


Moonlight Basin Headwall in the distance.



After spinning some park laps we made our way to the bar for Moonlight Basin's famous Blood Mary and a couple beers.


Mmmm. Local brews.


After a long day on the hill we decided to head back and catch some rest before the next day where we planned to ride Bridger Bowl.


Unfortunately we didn't get to ride due to an avalanche that pretty much slide across the whole face.


With Bridger Bowl a no go I decided to collect my things and head out towards Kirkwood where the last stop of the North Face Masters was taking place. It was a long drive and I figured I could break it up into two days if I left Montana early. Hand shakes and fist bumps were exchanged and I climbed into my truck, set the cruise control and watched the Montana landscape slip into darkness as the sun set.

Todd Heath is one rad dude. Thanks for the Montana hospitality Todd!

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