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Moss and Charlie in South America - Part 1 & 2

Check out homies Moss Halladay and Charlie Hoch exploring, ripping and living it up in Southern America. Looks like a ton of fun and a rad place to check out in the future. Adding to the list of many shred spots to visit.


Dropping Hammers - Brighton, UT


Last Tuesday I broke up with my appendix and still hadn’t recovered from the experience. My new shred stick gets left out. I am hauling my camera along with me so I can at cover this odd group of dudes looking for snow before there is a first chair to be had.

The pre-season crew rounded that final bend before the beauty of the Millicent bowl opened wide as I was rolling out of bed and looking for something. Brock called to tell me that they are at the rendezvous point and everything is set. On my way out my door I remember my sunglasses.

I have been to pre-season Major League Baseball games and they are boring. Because these games don’t count for anything the pros don’t put any effort into winning. I hobbled up the hill cursing my wound and saw people in love with and putting lots of effort into their sport.

Muscle memory remembered what was forgotten because of a long hot summer and each run got better and more technical. I might point out that there was maybe two feet of snow on the ground with no base. Landing wrong meant dealing with sticks and gravel. When the cobwebs were worked out the shine started.

I didn’t have the energy to document every trick on either the box setup or the rail but the pictures speak for the occasion as a whole and the riders specifically. I have ridden with Brock for few years now and it is always inspiring to see someone doing something they love with such intensity.

My recent lack of appendix kept me from ridding early but allowed me to document a day of riding for the sake of riding. Smiles were worn and hammers were dropped.

Brock Butterfield - Frontside Boardslide


Skyler Finlayson - Switch Frontside Boardslide


Brock Butterfield - Roast Beef to Boardslide

Brighton Backcountry Video - Brock Butterfield

Here's the video edit from Ride Utah from a while back when we did some side and backcountry off of Brighton Ski Resort.

Brighton Backcountry - Brock Butterfield

A March storm hit the Wasatch hard and dumped up to 3 feet of snow in storm totals. I spent the first fresh days at the Bird spinning tram laps and hiking Baldy as much as I could before everything became tracked out.


Three days later when everythng at the resort had been riden and the sun popped out for some amazing blue bird, Josh Scheuerman gave me a call to go shoot some backcountry lines for RideUtah. With the rapid warming we knew we'd have to hit it hard and early. I grabbed my Never Summer Cobra (X) 159 and we made our way to the Crest lift at Brighton and started with two quick Pioneer Peak hikes.


Josh Scheuerman with stoke on high.


Top of Pioneer Peak.


Sponsor plug photo!


The aftermath of our lines off Pioneer Peak.


Once we finished with Pioneer Peak we made the decision to make the haul out to the X and Y chutes off of Tuscarora. We took the Millicent lift, checked in with ski patrol at the top and made the push up the rocky hike to the top of Millicent Peak. A quick breather and we dropped in to the saddle which was south facing and getting baked fast. We shedded a few layers, slathered some ginger war paint (aka "sunscreen") and started our way up Wolverine.


Boot packing on the skin track. Don't let the hippies catch you.


Josh making his way up the last push of Wolverine.


Looking out over Little Cottonwood Canyon.


After inspecting our lines from a distance and up top we noticed a lot of rock that had barely been covered by the last storm. We made the call to play it on the smart side and ride some lines we felt were most filled in.


Josh's line. You can see me as the tiny spec lookers right in the next chute.


Four high speed turns and I was out! Snow was epic on the protected north side.

Utah Idaho Backcountry Trip - Brock Butterfield

Mike Hood and Ryan Bregante made the trek out to Utah after a storm to rally some zones up north that I've been exploring the past couple years. With the avy danger high we made a plan to hit some safer low angle zones and keep it smart style.


Fully loaded...


Good ol' Beaver Mountain in the background.


Breaking trail to the Honey Hole.


I'm staying. I'm finishing my coffee.




After we sessioned the Honey Hole we made our way back to the truck where we fueled up and loaded up the generator and lights for the night pillow shoot. The trail hadn't been groomed in days so it was a slow drive in and out on the sled towing the generator. We got some awesome night shots on the pillows.


Generator, lights, extension cords, check, check and check.


We rolled into my parents place super late that night and set everything out to dry for an early departure the next morning.


Hiking to a new zone.


New zone framed up between my Candy Grind gloves.


The light went flat quick on us and we decided to setup the new zone for a session the following day and go find some pillows in the trees for the remaining part of the day.


Stumbled onto these while taking a piss... Funny how that works right?


Mike Hood after sending huge as always.


Mike with a rebate.


One part pow, one part triple set. Shake, serve and destroy.


Ryan scoping some potential urban spots on the way home.


That night we got home and had an awesome dinner with my family. My Mom and Dad are THE most giving people you will ever meet. Beer, food, baked goods and warm comfy beds.


Dinner with the Ryan, Mom, Dad and Mike.


Next morning we got up to partly sunny skies and knew we'd be window shopping so we got to the new zone that we had set up the day before as soon as possible.


Stack your landings.


After we destroyed the first zone we made our way to some pillows I call "The Zone". This owl swooped over my head while hiking in.


Ryan snagged this shifty tweaked all the way 180°


The next morning Ryan and I got up early and headed up to an old rusty gas tank that had been cut in half with a welding torch. It was setup perfectly for a toeside to heelside wallride. After a few hours setting it up in horse manure and rapid warming snow it was show time.


Wait till you see the "A" grade shots and footage...

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