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Urban Trailer Fence Gap Video - Brock Butterfield

Video edit from the urban trailer gap.

Urban Trailer Fence Gap - Brock Butterfield

With the meek one inch that fell in the valley and a blue bird day expected I decided to rally the troops and get after a few urban features I've had my eye on for a while. The feature we decided to attack was a gap up onto a small 8-10 foot trailer to a gap out over a fence about 10 feet. Nothing too wild but technical was what I was aiming for here.

The gap.


The trick was to push snow into a pile with the shovels and then load it into the truck. Here Mike T., DJ, Taylor and myself load up.


Harlee took this sweet shot.


Mike unloading the truck in two scoops.


The term and title "Wedgineer" was used a lot while building...


The run in.

Harlee securing the winch.


Giving Mike a quick run through on how to run the winch. "Start it, give me a thumbs up and then throw it full throttle."


After about 3-4 hours piling and moving snow we were ready to get a film session started. Literally as I am putting on my first boot the grounds keeper shows up... I made my way over to him and was super friendly and explained what we were doing and were making sure that there were no kids around when I hit it. I also mentioned that if any damage was done to the trailer or property that I'd pay for it. He asked for my name and number which I gave him and also asked for his incase anything did actually happen. He calmed down a bit and was cool. He even wanted to watch us hit it but had to go so he peaced out. Game on.

POV from my end. The Proto CT(X) 155 from Never Summer was my weapon of choice.


Let's just say that I didn't land the first one...


After a total of seven hours we had a few shots and were ready to GTFO and go to the In-N-Out on Camrose (near Radford).


Stay tuned for the bangers to drop fall 2012 in the Never Summer team video.

The North Face Masters Crystal 2012 - Brock Butterfield

Josh Scheuerman and I took of early from SLC, UT to head towards Washington where The North Face Masters at Crystal Mountain for 2012 was set to go off. Fast forward about 13 hours and we picked Mike Hood up from the SEA-TAC airport and grabbed some food. Charlie Hoch and Nick Larson from the Never Summer team drove down from BC and crashed at our hotel for the night before heading up the next morning.


A good mexican beer and meal after a long drive.


Josh Scheuerman and Mike Hood talk about the upcoming competition.


Charlie Hoch's sick setup.


The next mornig we headed up to the mountain to check in and take an inspection run down the qualifier venue.


Myself and Mike Hood


Josh Scheuerman riding Crystal for the second time in his life.


Josh Scheuerman scores a quick interview with The North Face Masters before jumping on the lift.


The 2012-2013 Never Summer Cobra X 159 was the weapon of choice for The North Face Masters of Snowboarding.


Myself, Josh Scheuerman and Mike Hood catching the lift.


Mike Hood and I hiking the venue for inspection.


After inspection we rode some laps with Brandon Reid and Mike Hardecker before calling it a day and grabbing a beer at the athlete meeting. We were pumped for the next day. Most of us were set to drop towards the bottom of the list.


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale now comes in a can. Best news ever!


The next morning we got up early and made our way to the venue to watch the other riders drop before us. It was super sunny and nice that day and the riding level was through the roof. It was awesome watching everyone rip lines and go big. Josh had a sick line with three airs in it and Mike went big with two rad drops. Charlie Hoch threw a big ol' floaty 360 off the cornice. I got feeling real good before my line and popped a little frontside 180 off the cornice into my line and then a half cab off the toes off a roller before heading for the trees. I caught an air out of the trees and then into a firm wide chute where I hit a toe side wall hit and threw down a big shifty to stomp.


Josh Scheuerman gets a clear look at Mt. Rainer which is pretty unheard of for the north west with all the rain and cloud cover.


After we finished for the day we headed over to take a look at The King for the finals venue.


After learning that I was only two from the cutoff for finals we decided to make a plan for filming the next day. We rallied the rest of the Never Summer troops and met up the next morning for a recon misson. We ended up finding a sick yard with left over lift tower parts. We decided to session a bull wheel to down rail and see if we could get a shot. Charlie Hoch ended up banging out a sick front 270 off the bull wheel to down rail and I tested out my Never Summer Proto CT X 155 by laying down a gap to front board.


Mitch, Charlie Hoch, Nick Larson, Jonnie and Mike Hood.


Jonnie had this rad idea for this hip hit on the corner of the fence so we helped him set it up and filmed for a bit more.


With weather on its way to Utah we made the call to head back home and have some time off before heading off to Kirkwood for the next stop of The North Face Masters. The next morning we dropped Mike off at the airport in the morning and made our way back to SLC. On the way home we learned that our homie Brandon Reid had won the whole event. We were so pumped!


Bradon Reid kills it and fully deserved this win.


Josh has always wanted to check this house out that is along the way so we popped in for some pictures.


Here's a little video edit of us freeriding the resort before qualifiers as well as my line in the competition.


Wolf Creek Pass Powder - Never Summer Cobra Testing - Brock Butterfield

The first week of February I hit the road with my homie Nick and headed south to Wolf Creek Pass. With the sled and boards loaded in the back and a good amount of snow expected, our stoke was on high. Pumped on shred. I had also just recently joined the Never Summer team after SIA and was looking forward to testing out the all new 2012/2013 Cobra.


We stopped in Cortez to fill up on food for the next few days. Bieber...


We arrived at the cabin we would be staying at for the next couple days and got to know the group of people we were sharing it with. They were a bunch of rad people from New Mexico who cooked us these amazing gourmet dishes. We seriously ate like kings.


This cabin sleeps 17. We managed to sleep probably 20 at one point...


The first day we headed to the resort to ride the 6" of fresh they had just gotten. Mike and I had a good idea of where we wanted to ride after getting familiar with the place last time. We started with an Alberta hike and then made our way to Knife Ridge. The Cobra instantly became my favorite board with the Camber Rocker Camber technology. Stomped big lines all day without going over the handle bars.


Is this thing on?


Mike Hood in the exclusive Colorado flag face mask by Wind X-treme. Best masks out there fo sho.


On day two we met up with our other homies from Vail who had drove down and took the sleds out for some deep untouched powder slaying.


Mike Hood setting the boot pack for a big rock drop in the trees we spotted.


Mike Hood demonstrates how to properly hug a tree with a sled.


Ben Koelker, Jay Vestich, Mike Hood and Wayne Bolte


The 5 bed smaller cabin we stayed in before day 3.


We awoke to about 3" in South Fork so we knew they must have gotten atleast 6-8" on the pass. I jumped online to check the totals at Wolf Creek Ski Resort and found out they had gotten over 15". Game on!


The blower 3" dusting in town.


After getting the sled stuck after unloading it in the parking lot I knew it was too deep for sledding for me. Nick and I loaded the sled back up and headed to the deserted resort.


After shredding from open to close at the resort we made our way back into town where we drove a bit further to stay with our friends Mike and Alesha. We got up early the next morning to grab some grub at the local cheap cafe and then headed out for a day in the backcountry. Thankfully the slednecks from the day before broke trail to most places and we got some epic blower turns.


$3 homemade breakfast sandwhich and other bomb meals for cheap.


Saw this in the local paper... Slayed me.


Gnar in the distance. Similar to some Wasatch lines.


While on a recon misson I got the sled stuck just in the flat due to how deep it was and letting off the throttle for a sec...


After diggin myself out of the first hole I managed to drift into a tree around a corner and Nick and I had the pleasure of diggin for about 2 hours to get it out.


After a exhausting day of diggin the sled out and shredding almost too deep powder we headed towards Golden, CO to crash at Mike's place before heading home the next day. The next morning we stopped by the Never Summer warehouse and then made the long drive back to SLC.


Here's a quick little edit of the trip.

Utah and Idaho Pillow Lines - Brock Butterfield

Here's a cool little clip edited by Ride Utah on the trip we made up to northern Utah and southern Idaho to ride some pillow lines.

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