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PreSeason Snowboarding October 8th, 2011 - Brock Butterfield

A cold moisture storm hit the Wasatch Front with an average of 17" on October 6th, 2011 and I found myself in the garage throwing my Tyrant Teem and bindings together for a mini shred session a few days later.

I called up my standard preseason homies (some of which I never even talk to in the summer but we know it's on when the first snow hits) and we grabbed my 8 year old rotting boxes. After a few upgrades to the box tops we were ready to find a place to get our mini jib on. After seeing the Albion Basin Camprground gate closed we decided we needed to find another place low key so that we could keep the session to ourselves and not have to fight the masses.

In the photo above: Noah and Dan finish setting up the boxes and get ready to strap in.


In this photo above: Best feeling in the world after a summer is strapping in for the first time.


Dan Black getting spinny onto the boxes.


Mandy Mehler, Jodie Stackhouse and Jacob showed up with my homie Jeremy Tidwell and a snake run idea was born...


Tidwell getting ready to send it over the massive snake run gap!


Dan and Noah taking a breather. Early season shredding makes you realize how out of shape you can get in the summer...


Here's a quick clip of the small amount of awesomely fun footage we shot.

Jake Blauvelt Naturally, Absinthe Twelve and A-Rob's Manifest

It's been a hot minute since I posted anything this summer so I figured I'd at least share what I've been watching to get my stoke on.


Jake Blauvelt's Naturally is down right awesome. Not one kicker or rail shot (not that those are bad). All natural terrain with fluid style.


The new Absinthe video Twelve is also sick. Nicholas and Gigi have some sick all natural parts that I'm stoked on.





And lastly, Aaron Robinson's Manifest with the sick pillow shots have set the level to super stoke. I'm gonna miss watching A-Rob kill it at The North Face Masters. RIP A-ROB.


Headed South - Brock Butterfield

With feeling almost 100%, Kayce and I hit the road for our roadtrip that we had planned earlier. With a few months in between work we figured it was a good way to heal and take my mind off the heavy medical bills.



I'll blog a bit here but most of our adventures will be here:

Tyrant Snowboards Catalog - 2012 - Brock Butterfield

Got a larger envelope in the mail the other day. Come to find out Tyrant used a few pcitures from the season for their catalog. Cover shot and centerfold! Far out.

2010/2011 Season Highlight Edit - Brock Butterfield

In an experiment to see how many people visit my blog I'm posting my season highlight video from 2010-2011 here first before putting it on Facebook. Interested to see how many views I get...

I'm feeling a lot better and am almost all healed up. Still planning on taking off for the summer but I'll keep the blog updated here and there with the summer happenings.

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