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How To Travel To SIA On A Budget


SIA is one of the most crucial places for an athlete to pick up new sponsors. It allows you to meet the companies in person and prove to them that you not only can ride but you can market the hell out of their brand by your exposure. Below I'll share tips and tricks for traveling to SIA on a budget, reducing the cost and maximizing your chances at getting sponsored.


Eating and partying on a budget at SIA

One of the biggest expenses of traveling besides fuel is food. Here are a few tips and things I did to cut the cost. First way to keep it cheap is grab a big cooler and pack yourself some food. There are a few things to your advantage when traveling and the cold weather in January is one of them. One ice pack from the fridge kept my food cold and fresh the whole week. A great thing to pack that is easy to reheat is soup. I found a cheap and amazing recipe for potato, celery and onion soup that literally cost me about $0.58 to make. Here's the recipe. I simply would heat up the soup in the morning and keep it in a thermos in my backpack. It was great and easy to sit down anywhere and grab a quick bite to eat.


Oatmeal and fruit are another very cheap and easy thing to pack for food. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth you can bake some cookies for hardly anything. One recipe that I like that is super easy to remember is this pumpkin chocolate chip:

1 - Box of Spice Cake Mix

1 - Can of pumpkin (I think I use the 19 oz)

1 - bag of chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients and set the oven to 350° and bake for about 15-17 min. Boom. Now you have bomb cookies that last for almost two weeks.


With the amount of money you save on food you can afford to go out to the bars and after parties to mingle with the industry people a little bit and connect on a different level over a beer.


Sleeping and lodging for free

This one may not be for everyone but I have slowly been figuring out the art to sleeping in my truck to save money on lodging. What about the cold you may ask? Check out the video below to see how I've done it. I did the math and I saved roughly $600 on lodging by sleeping in my truck and I was super comfy.


Getting into SIA and the OnSnow Demo

This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing and honestly it's not too hard. If you know anyone in the industry that owns a shop, works for a shop, or just simple works in the industry you should be able to get in. Ask them a favor and see if they can get you a pass for SIA. If they are already going it shouldn't cost you or them anything and you get some perks with the pass. Another route is if you have any current sponsors that are going to SIA. They should be able to get you a pass if you ask.


Talk to everyone and every brand

Thursday, Saturday morning and Sunday seem to be the slowest and best times to approach new sponsors. I would advise to walk around all day Thursday and make notes on the companies you want to approach and if you're feeling lucky, pop by at the end of the day when the beers come out and see if you can schedule 5 minutes to talk to them on Saturday morning or Sunday. If they have time then to talk then go for the pitch. Make sure you are professional. Read my other article on how to create a professional athlete resume. Don't make the mistake of getting pumped or set on one brand and not talk to other brands. Things tend to fall through more then they work out so make sure you covered your bases by talking to everyone and every brand. Let the universe guide you in the right direction and most of all remember to do it for you.



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